Friday, January 20, 2017

7 days on a fiscal fast

fiscal fast

As a plus size girl, I'll admit I always hated the word diet.  And what's there to love about this word?  It rhymes with starvation, despair, deprivation and unhappiness.  All things I don't want nor need in my life.

So when a lot of personal finance blogs suggested to go on a budget diet, I immediately cringed at the word.

I prefer using fiscal fast myself. After all, a diet sounds like restriction while going at it anyway.  I'm doing an actual fast. A temporary full stop in order to keep going at a later date.

In my twisted mind, this is less restrictive than a diet.

I am stopping all spending for a week, starting Wednesday January 17th at noon.

And I do mean ALL spending.

"Well what if you need an ambulance?!". Last time I checked this was Canada and ambulance don't charge you up front, they send you a bill.  And let's be realistic for a minute, I won't put myself in danger to keep up with this challenge, let's be realistic.

Not buying anything absolutely include not buying food, either.  I am entirely convinced that I have enough food in my pantry and freezer to last me well beyond a week, so that part of the challenge doesn't feel too restrictive.  Sure, it means if I'm out of butter I can't go and buy more, and I may not have very fresh veggies and fruits but that absolutely won't kill me.

And it may start to make a dent in the crazy stockpile of canned goods I own.

While pre-shopping in order to start this challenge is completely against it's intended purpose, do make sure you won't go without something you need to live - medication and hygiene items should be in proper stock!

Luckily I'm all set up when it comes to toilet paper and lady toiletteries items, so that won't be an issue.

Follow my updates as I got 7 days without spending money!