Sunday, January 22, 2017

7 days on a fiscal fast - the updates!

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Wednesday January 18th 2017
So the challenge started! I stayed home from class today cause I had too much stuff to do.  I ate stuff I had at home and I made sure I didn't had any bids going on on eBay. Zero spending means no online window shopping either: that's pre-spending money!

Thursday January 19th 2017
Woke up to a bunch of emails in my inbox about awesome deals i couldn't possibly want to pass on!  Well I did. Starting to notice how much everywhere there is an attempt to make us part with money. On my way to school I realized I needed to cross Square One Mall. It seems like a dangerous game!  I just kept my attention to my iPhone and caught Pokémon and fought at some PokéGyms as I was crossing the mall.  Noticing all the ads, banners, flyers, pricetags on shelves.  There is no mistake, I am in a money spending temple and people are worshiping left and right. I keep my resolve.  I brought a lunch and snacks to have 0 incentive to spend money on food.

Friday January 20th 2017
Took a juicebox with me to the bloodwork appointment as I tend to get fainty and weak after those.  It's my fear of needles.  Ended up going back home and not go to class as I wasn't feeling well at all. Napped.  Ate a frozen dinner, some Goldfish and made myself a cream of celery.  I found the can while going through the pantry.  I absolutely love cream of celery and I don't think about making it often.  Felt like a treat! Starting to delete all the marketing emails without reading them.  Now I decided to just unsubscribe. Less electronic clutter!

Saturday January 21st 2017
Noticed I had the dates wrong ahahah corrected that.
I am noticing how much we are bombarded with spending money EVERYWHERE. Facebook especially. Is it really worth it to "like" pages of companies?  I will start unfollowing everything and just keep my Facebook as a social media to keep up with my friends.
Decided to do a clean up and sell some random things that are gathering dust in the closet.  Made $20 so far!

Sunday January 22nd 2017
I made $70 over the weekend selling some stuff I could part with. And I have a lot of stuff I can part with.  I'm extra motivated cause
a) I want to reduce clutter.
b) I'm moving in a couple of months and I don't want to spend money to haul boxes of dust around.
c) I realized I can turn my dusty stuff into cash.
Oh and yes, I am still on my fiscal fast! Haven't spend a penny!

Monday January 23rd 2017
I set up a reminder in the morning to bring a lunch to school. Because the other option is to go all day without food and when my brain's working overtime, it is something I am unable to do. I realized that not only I was successful in not spending money in the past few days, I am actually coming ahead by $90! I had to go to the industrial park to pick up a package whose delivery I missed (everyone loves doing that, right?!). I usually would have taken an Uber back and forth there, may be spending 20-25 bucks on that package fetching venture.  Well I took the bus: I was on my way home from school anyway. Sure it was out of my way and I spent about an hour total on this errand, but at least it didn't cost me a penny.  Not even a bus ticket actually: there is a flaw in the transfer system in the bus here and they count your trip back as a transfer when it's done under a certain amount of time. So I ended up using the same "trip" as my going home from college trip.  This pleased me greatly.

Tuesday January 24th 2017
There we go. Last stretch before homerun.  I'm slowly starting to thing about what I am going to buy when this challenge is over.  However, I'm not approaching this as "oh my god I need to buy ALL THE THINGS!".  At all.
Quite the opposite.  I'm budgeting.  What do I really need at this stage?  Let's plan for food so I don't get tempted into ordering in.

Wednesday January 25th 2017
I made it.  I made it people.  7 full days without spending a single dime.  And you know what?  Even by feeding only from my pantry and freezer what I had stashed there, I manage to still have so much food I could go another 2 weeks into this challenge. Easily.  I'm going to reward myself tomorrow morning with a nice breakfast at one of my favourite restaurant. I'll restock on eggs, milk, bread AKA staples in the kitchen.  But that's pretty much it.  I don't "need" anything else at the moment.  I'm definitely not going to resume my budget destructive habits now that my challenge is over.  I won't buy a million things on eBay "just cause it's a dollar with free shipping".  My brother jokingly threatened to block ebay off the router when he saw all those packages coming in every day.